Multi-user training for Inter-Professional Education

Learn and practice the different modes of Inter-Personal Communication in simulated two-person or multi-person scenarios with the patient, family members, and team members


Practice active listening, respect and support


Learn empathic communication and building a therapeutic relationship


Develop a common understanding for decision making through respectfully expressing one’s knowledge and opinions


Map IPE scenarios to required medical competencies and nursing essentials

Use the virtual conference room and video player to review and debrief using library scenarios

Voice & Text Chat

Communicate using Voice chat and Text chat, with options for private and public chats

Player Roles

Choose from different roles: Physician, Nurse, Patient and others

Personalized Cases

Author your own cases, using our authoring tools

Multi-user Space

Multiple players can play, interact and chat together

Immersive Environment

Fully Immersive hospital environment with different rooms


Available on Desktop/Laptop and iPad (Coming Soon)

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